About Us

Whether you're looking to create a personal website with a photo gallery and biography or have a business and are seeking to expand your reach to a wider online audience, Down2thePixel Designs can make your web presence known with style and professionalism. If you already own your domain and hosting, we are more than happy to build on what you already have, or we can help you find a domain and hosting package that is right for you.

Our Goal

We want to provide you with the best experience possible, hands down. We understand that not everyone is internet savvy or up-to-speed with the newest web trends, but it doesn't have to be painful or costly.

We guarantee that your experience with us will be superior and commendable.

Our Development Process

Here's how we get your project from start to finish:

1. Consultation

We will start working with you to decide on a design for your new project. We will ask you to gather information, including your wish list, any images/content you have for the project, and a list of URLs of other websites that you may like. We will also ask you to assign a single person to be charge of working with us to complete your project.

2. Gather Materials

Once we agree on a final price for your project, we will provide you with a link to a form where you can supply any and all information about the project, including design specifications, desired layout, text, pictures, and a logo (unless we will be creating a logo for you).

3. Deposit

A deposit of 50% of the agreed-upon price is required before design work can begin. We accept payments through our website, via check and via money order.

4. Demo Page

Within three business days after receiving your materials and advance payment, we will present a design mockup.

5. Demo #1

At this stage, you review the proposed mockup with us and submit any requests for changes and/or revisions. Revision requests should be delivered as a numbered list by email. You may request unlimited changes in one or two sets of emails.

6. Demo #2

We will then review your list of requested changes and contact you to clarify any questions and ensure that the changes are within the scope of the initial proposal, if needed.

7. Finalize Demo

We begin work on your revisions. Please note that once work has begun, the list of revisions cannot be altered. Therefore, you should review your changes carefully before presenting them to us.

8. Demo Accepted

At this stage, you review the revised demo and approve each numbered revision until the list is complete. Once an item has been approved, it cannot be revised again without incurring additional charges.

9. Implementation

Once you are satisfied with the demo page design, we will begin the actual coding.

NOTE: The time to complete this phase varies.

10. Revision of Final Web Page

These are done in the same manner as steps 5 & 6 above.

11. Final Approval

Once your project is completed, you will receive an "Approval of Completion" letter. In signing and returning this letter to Down2thePixel Designs, you agree that all work has been completed to your satisfaction. At this point, the remaining 50% of the agreed-upon proposal fee is due. Once we receive the signed approval letter and payment, we will transfer your website or project files to you. In the case of a new website, it will be made "live."

12. Submission to Search Engines

If applicable, we will submit your website to the major search engines so that people can easily find your site on the Internet.